JoAnne Lenart-Weary of The JLW Company and Confident Color System

Our Approach

When I began my business, I had a zero support system. Forty plus years ago, there were no online forums, trade associations, or professional association chapter meetings in my area.  As a result, I made many mistakes and lost money.  Quite honestly, I was too young and naive to know perhaps I should hang it up.  But each mistake became a lesson and each lesson helped me gain confidence.  Little did I know my failures and successes would help me to know what you…my students…would need as you started and grew your businesses.

One of the things I learned during my floundering years was I didn’t know how to get more business. I simply relied on word of mouth and in spite of what you have heard…that isn’t enough.  You must know how to build credibility and create a desire for what you bring to the table.  Bottom line, as my old friend Carol Bass, says…it takes more than talent.  As a result, we offer a well-rounded assortment of classes with more classes added often.

Plus, all of our classes, whether online or live, provide instructor interaction and many include hands-on exercises.

Next Step…

If you took the time to read our About page, I hope it gave you the faith in our abilities to help you.  Maybe you have some unanswered questions…if so check out our FAQ page or pick up the phone and call 814-440-3044. In today’s world filled with text messages and emails, we still love a good old fashioned phone call.

P.S. In case you forgot, that thing you watch videos on…you can use it to call us.