Hi, I’m JoAnne Lenart-Weary. I have had the pleasure of sharing my talent with clients for over 40 years.  Yep, that means I am probably older than you…but it also means I know my stuff.  I began as a Realtor, residential decorator and real estate stager. In addition, I offered consumer seminars because I loved empowering others to gain decorating confidence.  I began receiving requests from people who wanted to start their own decorating and staging business, to teach them how to turn their talent into a business. In 1999, I founded The Decorating and Staging Academy, which has taught thousands how to grow a successful business. In 2014, I stepped down as Director, but still play an active role in their growth and curriculum development.

I continue to work with clients today, from 25-80, both in their homes and in a classroom. I still walk into a home and have a hard time conversing with the clients because I am itching to get my hands on the house. I have always loved teaching my craft to others…there are people who want to hire me to do the work and others who simply want to learn from me, so they can have the satisfaction of doing it themselves. Join me and other experts at How to Decorate and Stage to expand your decorating and staging confidence.  In the meantime, here are 10 fun things you don’t know about me.

1. I used to teach belly dancing.
2. I once painted a toliet seat red…which Husband #1 ended up wearing until it wore off. Paint thinner wouldn’t touch it.
3. I wallpapered a bathroom with 5 rolls of aluminum foil and spray glue. (It was my formative period)
4. I’m a Grandmother of 15, ages 23-2.
5. I was named one of the Most Influential People in Staging in 2018.
6. My first speaking engagement consisted of 5 minutes of sharing and 15 minutes of giggling nervously.  (They asked me back)
7. My family nickname is Dodie, if someone calls me that, they are either family or have been in my life a very long time.
8.  I am known for my Pierogi.
9. I love history…not the politics but the people.
10. I am funny…sit next to me if you like to laugh.

Bonus: I love knocking out a wall!

My Skills

Not only was I blessed with a talent for creating beautiful rooms, I realized I better hone my ability to attract clients.  I set out to become a marketing machine.  I can help you do the same. 

I had to conquer my fear of public speaking, learn how to write for magazines, both hard copy and digital.  I also became very good at creating systems that allowed me to be more productive and organized with a client.  These very same systems were later found to be useful to my students and mentees. Bottom line, it was a different world when I started a business. There was no World Wide Web, where at a touch of a finger, I could find a world of support and information.  Back then, going viral would be a group of 10 showing up to see my presentation at a church group.  But it all worked…here I am 43 years later…still in love with what I do.

  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Curriculum Development
  • Public Speaker and TV Appearances 
  • Trainer and Educator

I’m a sucker for beautiful rooms and the people who love to create them.  I want to help the world have more of both.